We work to create a better planet

We seek sustainable solutions

for the sub-products generated by the Agro-Food


More than 100 Years Being Sustainable

“The present economic model of extract, produce, waste is reaching the limit of its capacity. The Circular Economy is an attractive alternative that seeks to redefine what growth is, with an emphasis on benefits for the whole society. This implies decoupling the economic activity from the consumption of finite resources and eliminating waste from the system. Underpinned by a transition to renewable sources of energy, the circular model creates economic, natural and social capital”.

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Circular Economy

In full agreement with the Circular Economy model proposed by Ellen MacArthur Foundation, at RRH we want to contribute our little part to conserve the planet. To achieve this, we seek sustainable solutions for the co-products generated by the agri-food industry and we are investigating other uses that could generate value in animal and human nutrition, in energy generation or in the creation of other biodegradable and/or sustainable products.


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